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Technology might be new and exciting, but it isn’t always about showing off and having the latest toy. Many new gadgets are actually designed to try and make your life easier – or to save you money. We’re going to look at a few gadgets which aim to pay for themselves and provide more bang for your buck.

1. Energy Usage Monitor

This might sound boring – but it could save you loads on your monthly energy bill. Extra money in your pocket isn’t boring, is it? This gadget provides up-to-date data on all your household appliances. This means it’ll tell you which are using more energy than others. You’d be surprised how much some items use just on stand-by or when not even in use. Knowing such info can help you develop a strategy for energy use in your home. In other words, you’ll know which items need turning off and which are ok to leave on stand-by.

2. Smart thermostat

Instead of simply turning the heating up or down depending in when you need it – some new thermostats are fully programmable and will follow an optimum strategy for when you need them,. In other words, you can turn the heating off automatically when people are at work and have it come on only at times when you’re most likely to need it. This reduces fuss and could save you money as you won’t be wasting energy on heating your home at the wrong times.

3. A proper coffee maker

Going to the local coffee shop can be expensive. Their mark-ups are huge. Although this has become a social exercise for many, it could be costing you money. Nobody is suggesting you give up coffee, but being able to make a quality brew at home could save you a fortune.

4. E-cigarettes

If you’re a smoker, you probably already know that you shouldn’t be. It’s bad for your health and it costs too much money. Multiply your daily cigarette cost by 365 to see what you could save in a year by giving up. That’s a lot of money.

E-cigarettes have become a top choice for those looking to give up smoking because they sitll allow the user to get a small fix of nicotine but they haven’t got tons of harmful chemicals like those found in tobacco. They’re better than patches as well because you still get to “feel” like you’re smoking – but without ruining your health. Not only that, but they’re much cheaper too. Many units are reusable but even the disposable ones can last a couple of weeks. This means e-cigarettes can help you save money and improve your health at the same time.


VOIP allows you to make phone calls to anyone without having to pay call charges or enter costly price plans. You use your internet connection with a headset to make the phone calls you used to have to pay for. This cuts out phone companies and reduces the cost of communication.

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