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Property Matrix is a Cloud-based Property Management Software that changes the outlook of managing the property business and makes it more reliable and efficient. It emphasizes on giving fast and reliable source of getting and managing property related information for both owners and tenants. It provides a platform for owners and tenants to communicate at real time and makes process faster. It comes with a detailed easy accessible single panel display to checkout your different units situated at different locations. It deliberately handles the accounting process like how much earning you got till now from different units with timely reminders to update on receiving and delivering payments. Managing the maintenance process becomes easy with property matrix. It reports urgent attention towards any incidence occurred at units and track regular updates on workers status involving every employee in creating customer happiness. It helps your business to grow by marketing your units to fill the vacancies and find potential customers across various locations. Tenants can rely for all the information and sends their applications by filtering various options available.



For owners
– Property Matrix enables owners to access the information on single panel at time providing various options like tenants, accounting, marketing and maintenance.
– Owners get the full invoice enterprise-level accounting system to manage their revenue accounts and get reminders on receiving and delivering payments at timely manner like lease, rent etc. It also provides the statement to check out your earnings so far from a particular unit. It helps in reducing time and mistakes by saving all necessary details.
– Its helps owners to post impressive ads for their units at various classified portals creating more leads and prospects. Just by click various potential customers get all information relating to your units and send their applications. These applications are filtered and organized by the system and makes it available for you.
– It also provides a maintenance panel where you can get the information for any incidence and send workers for immediate attention results in customer satisfaction and happiness. With real-time information and updates, every employee in your organization contributing in attaining customer satisfaction.


For Tenants
– It provides a platform to get all the information pertinent to owners and directly communicate with them at a real-time. After choosing the unit from the available options, they can send the applications to owners stating their desired requirements and renting options.
– Tenants can communicate easily with their vendors and share information about any incident occurred and get immediate attention for maintenance which saves time and brings satisfaction.
– It provides regular reminders for delivering and reviews on payments and maintaining the accounting like rent paid and spending on maintenance activities till date.

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