Everything You Need To Know About Refurbished Laptops


Thanks to the increasing price of new laptops, many people are now opting for second-hand machines which they can pick up quickly and easily from any number of second-hand shops, online sellers and specialists.

A third option, and one which is often forgotten when looking for new machinery is refurbished laptops. One of the main reasons for which this option is often forgotten is that many people are unaware of what the term “refurbished laptops” actually means. They might imagine an unqualified person sitting tinkering with a half-broken laptop and then selling it as “new” and because they don’t know a great deal about refurbished laptops, this image is what endures and ultimately convinces them that it is the wrong choice for them and their needs.

The truth is that in buying refurbished laptops, many people could get the exact technology they want and need for their requirements at a price which is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing a brand new machines. However, in order to demonstrate why this could be a much better option, it is necessary to explain a little more about refurbished laptops, and what is meant by the term.

In brief, the term refurbished laptops generally refers to a machine which failed to pass the quality tests in its’ initial stage and therefore had to undergo repairs. Within the umbrella term of refurbished laptop, there are three different types of refurbished laptops available:

1. Factory Refurbished Laptop

There are instances when a machine is either identified as being problematic within the factory setting (i.e. before it has left the actual manufacturer) or is returned to the manufacturer because of a flaw or fault being identified by a customer or retailer. In this case, the manufacturer has the option to either destroy the machine – a move which is both wasteful and therefore non-cost effective but also makes the company themselves look bad as their faulty machine has to appear on their official books – or refurbish it themselves, attach a new serial number to indicate that it has been refurbished and then sell it themselves at a discounted cost.

2. Refurbished Used Laptops

These machines are those which have been owned by a user and then sold off. Of course, there can be various reasons for this sale, from the users wish to upgrade or their lack of need for the machine. Refurbishers who are licenced by the manufacturer as an official refurbisher can then purchase the laptop, refurbish it themselves and then sell it on as such. Because of the skill of the refurbish, many users find this option gives them a machine which is just as good and fit for purpose as a brand new machine.

3. Custom Refurbished Laptops

This is the option which many people who have a working knowledge of laptops prefer. Using their own knowledge to assess the exact features they need from a laptop, they can specify their needs and wished and have a refurbished laptop built to those exact specifications. Of course, in order to have your own custom refurbished laptop, it is necessary to have a good all-round knowledge about refurbished laptops but for the person who knows what they want, this is an excellent way to get it.

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