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Social networking is one of the biggest markets out there right now, and it is ready for the taking.  Even though there are not only individuals but many businesses who also promote themselves using social networking, there is still space for you in this market, so why not take a piece of the pie and make a place for yourself on Instagram.   The sole purpose of Instagram is to be a place for photo and video sharing in a social networking setting.  After taking pictures and uploading them, you can go through and edit them with digital filters, then share them if you so choose.  All of the pictures have a similar square shape, and all of the videos have a time limit of 15 seconds.  Advertising your business by taking photos of products or posting videos can make you more money than you would think!

Why should I promote myself on Instagram?

  • Bring more people into activities you have at your business

If you have a business that actually has events, it can be hard to get the word out that you are having these events, so it can be helpful to have an Instagram account where you can take pictures of the event setup, or even pictures during events, post them on Instagram along with detailed information about the where and when of the event, and more people will be drawn to come because they can either see the work you have put into the event, or they can see how much fun other people are having!

  • You have the opportunity to do interact with other people.

There are many different ways that you can interact with your customers and potential customers.  By using strategies such as featuring different clients or customers in pictures on your site, holding contests and offering discounts for users that take the time to follow you or buy your products or services, and taking the time to leave comments on other people’s accounts, you will be closer with your clientele, and that can only make you look better!!

  • You can reach a wider audience

Instagram is available in multiple countries, so you are serving a MUCH wider audience than you would if you stayed within your geographical area.

What are some ways that I can get more followers on Instagram?

  • Invite your friends

While this is not going to bring in the big results you are looking for, it will bring in some followers that might at least boost your number enough to where other people will take notice.

  • Comment on photos

If you see photos that you like on Instagram, take the time to actually leave a comment.  Don’t leave a comment that sounds fake or seems to only serve the purpose of having the person follow you.  Make it an organic comment with something of substance, and chances are the sincerity will pay off!

  • Find a service that helps you get followers

There are services available, some free and some paid, that will provide you with free Instagram followers for your account.  By providing them with key information that they will need, such as your account name, they will take the time to get followers for your site.

  • Be active on Instagram

This is an important step that unfortunately will not always bring you the results you are looking for, but it will bring you results.  By searching Instagram for hashtags or users that feature the kind of pictures that you are interested in and also the kind of pictures you include on your site, you can view their material and follow them.  In most cases, if they are interested in the same things, they will follow you back.  They may also bring in more traffic to your Instagram because people will see that they are following you.

Taking the time to establish your business or services in the social marketing world doesn’t have to take all of your time and effort.  If you are running a solo or small business, you may want to consider hiring a business that offers free Instagram followers to take that part of the work off your plate.  On the other hand, if you have a big enough staff to dedicate specific people to developing your follower base, you may choose to do that.  Either way, don’t just sit back and miss the opportunity to get your business active on Instagram!

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