Simplifying The Login Process for eCommerce Store Using a Facebook Account


If you are a frequent user of the web, it’s unavoidable that you have been asked to login to the site using a Facebook account. This is a popular option with most of the e-commerce sites as it is an easier way to expose your products and services to a wider audience.There are a number of ways to design login forms. Most of the designers are familiar with conventional forms of designing i.e. by making use of open source development software such as Magento. Understanding and applying the innovative techniques of Magento could make your login forms more efficient and simpler. In this article, I would like to present a few ideas that simplify the login processfor e-commerce store.Please remember that before using these techniques, they make sense in the context in which you are using them.

The purpose of every login form is to get the user into their account successfully with ease. Some login forms do much better than others.Every web user has a Facebook account. There are some Facebook applications that enable business owners and professionals to create social identity for their products and services. F-commerce is the current strategy that is used by any e-commerce business.A number of ready to use Magento extensions are available such as magento facebook login that simplifies the login process for e-commerce store.This Magento extension will allow users to login directly from their Facebook account. If you have an excellent e-commerce store with amazing products and services, but are not getting the required number of visitors; this extension proves beneficial. One of the main reasons behind this is the registration of new account takes a long time.Shoppers may not be interested to spend so much time in filling the registration form. Facebook has currently more than I billion users. So, you can expect nearly 200 members per day who login through Facebook account, if the total number of visitors is 1000 per day. All you need to do is install the Magento Facebook extension into your eCommerce site and see the number of visitors’increases dramatically.Some of the features of this Magento extension include-

  • It runs the Magento e-commerce store on Facebook without any hassle.
  • Provides the facility to recommend the products that appear in the catalog.
  • Allow Facebook users to invite theirfriends to the Facebook shop.
  • Display product updates on the wall
  • Users can track their shopping details directly from Facebook account.
  • Compatible with Magento payment gateway.

The shopping facility through social networking sites will drive immense traffic, which will eventually result in incredible sales. Choosing an affordable Magento login extension will bring your e-commerce store to Facebook with ease and less effort. You can feel the taste of noteworthy revenue in a short period.Registering for a new account on your e-commerce store has never been so easy. Since, the customers’ use Facebook account to login into your eCommercestore; they need not have to fill any information. You can also easily configure the position of the login button at any position on your site.

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