Why Should You Look In A Mobile Phone Spy?

Mobile Phones

Today if you own a small or large business, it is primary that you must have proper protection of your business. This can be done on any level but one of the most significant protections to look forward to is the proper monitoring of the workforce. Spy software can be a useful asset however once you are going to purchase a cell monitoring software; there are a few things you must keep in mind which makes up a good mobile phone spy!

Reliability and Feature- enriched!

When you have a wide range of options over the internet, you can select any mobile phone spy which has nice reviews or is recommended by someone. Your friend might suggest you or say you to go for the software they are using. But a wise decision would be to see for yourself and twig the qualities you want to see in your monitoring software.

There are various ways in which the employees can deceive you. They might share official data via emails, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and before you know it your most confidential information is gone in inappropriate hands. You should opt for a cell phone spy app which lets you monitor emails, IMs, SMSs, location and media files shared in an affordable price. Snoopra is one such name which meets up to the expectations and has all the unique ways of mobile tracking.

Knowing Snoopra!

Snoopra is a great mobile phone spy which is easy to function and smart in operation. It works in completely stealth mode and you can operate it from anywhere you want, Remotely! It only involves one-time installation and will be up and running since then. It shows complete compatibility with popular operating systems of iPhone till 6.1.3 as for BlackBerry up to 7.x.

Well suited with all Android versions up to Jelly Bean 4.2. So there is no issue of compatibility. So whether its documents you want to scrap out, the media files, or the IM chats; Snoopra gets it all for you. Below are some of the elite features of Snoopra.

  • SMS, IM chats and e-mail records
  • Spy call
  • Call history & contacts details
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Multimedia files
  • Web history information
  • Remote phone lock
  • Geo-location, Geo-Fencing & complete location history
  • SIM change alerts
  • Trigger word alerts
  • Remote access to control panel
  • SMS prompts to control features
  • Remote data backup and deletion
  • Remote control on target phone apps
  • Remote activation and deactivation

It’s Sneaky, But Its Legal!

Once the data is uploaded on Snoopra’s control panel, you can remotely monitor the entire cell phone data anywhere you want. So Snoopra gets my vote with being the best mobile phone spy app so far. Though installing a spy app is a bit sneaky thing to do but you have got all the more reasons to spy your employee’s cellphone. One must be prepared for damage-control, right?

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